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Asase Gyefo comes out best in comparative study done by the University of Ghana

In 2017, Asase Gyefo Premium Organic Fertilizer was examined by the department of crop science by the University of Ghana, as part of a comparative fertilizer and compost study.

Asase Gyefo came out of this study as best performing product in comparison to other composts, due to its relatively high amount of organic content. Asase Gyefo resulted to contain more macro and micro-nutrients than competitors, and double the amounts of N, P, and K of other composts. The report concluded that this can lead to faster growth of fruit and vegetables  – and up to 20% more yield over time.
Another conclusion about Asase Gyefo was that it retains less water compared to other fertilizers, resulting in less mould and fungus.

For more information and conclusions, read the full report carried out by the University of Ghana.

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