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200 meters away from Tema-Motorway underbridge, Adjei-Kojo Ashaiman

Horticulturalist Samual Mensah about the blossoming effects of Asase Gyefo

Samuel Mensah runs a garden shop in Tema

Samuel Mensah, a horticulturalist in Tema (Ghana) takes us along to his garden shop  Sam Rich Jordan Garden in Tema, Accra, where he showcases his diverse range of gardening products , including flower pots, flowers, stands, soil, manure and notably, our Premium Organic Fertilizer, Asase Gyefo.

In our short reportage, Samuel discusses the use of Asase Gyefo and how it has helped breathe new life into plants that struggled to thrive before using the organic fertilizer. Asase Gyefo is not only renowned amongst farmers – it’s a game-changer for professional gardeners, landscapers, flower growers as well as home gardeners who are looking to maintain a healthy and flourishing garden and plants. Especially during this time of year where the harmattan may make circumstances for plants a bit harder, Asase Gyefo might just be the fertilizer plants need to blossom through the dry season.

Watch the video to see how Asase Gyefo has improved the quality and healthiness of Samuel’s plants. Share your experiences in the comments below, and don’t forget to share with friends and family for some horticultural inspiration!

To see how you need to apply Asase Gyefo, please take a look at the application manual for landscapers and other manuals here.

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