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200 meters away from Tema-Motorway underbridge, Adjei-Kojo Ashaiman

Asase Gyefo launches radio campaign for Farmers

Exciting news for all farmers in the Eastern region! We have recently expanded our distribution channels with a new location in the coastal town of Ada!  Ada’s rich farming sector is known for their fresh watermelon and tomato production. Check out the local station Radio Ada for our latest radio jingle.

As Ghana entered the rainy season, signaling the beginning of the farming season, the campaign aims to promote the benefits of Asase Gyefo Organic Fertilizer and support Ghanaian farmers in stopping the use of chemical fertilizer and switching to organic fertilizer.  The radio campaign in Ada is part of a large regional radio campaign that is about to be launched this week. The regional radio campaign targets local farmers in four of Ghana’s largest farming regions, Volta Region, the Ashanti Region, Brong Ahafo, and Eastern Region. Given Ghana’s rich linguistic diversity, Safisana created various radio jingles in different languages to ensure a widespread reach, including English, Ghana’s main local language ‘Twi’, and other languages like Ada, and Ewe.

Organic Fertilizer for better results

Radio is the most popular communication channel amongst farmers in Ghana. “Through our radio campaign, we aim to inspire thousands of small-scale farmers in Ghana to transition from chemical to organic fertilizers. Not only to reduce costs and improve crop yield for farmers but also to minimize greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution associated with chemical fertilizer use”, Elikplim Asilvei says, general manager of Safisana, producer of the Asase Gyefo Premium Organic Fertilizer. ‘Our jingle speaks directly to farmers, horticulturalists, and the citizens of Ada ready to increase their farming productivity, plant health, and crop yield.’

Rich in nutrients

Whether it’s tomatoes, carrots, peppers, spinach, lettuce, potatoes, onions, plants, and flowers, or more you grow, with Asase Gyefo Organic Fertilizer you will take your farming practice to the next level. Asase Gyefo Organic Fertilizer is rich in the micro- and macro-nutrients that are required for optimal plant growth and soil health, such as Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. Moreover, our Organic Fertilizer is not only an effective product for pest control; it is also affordable, making it a smart choice for bulk purchases. Take good care of your plants and the planet, and make use of organic fertilizer for a greener and more sustainable farming culture.

Find your nearest sales point on the map here or call our customer service: +233 (0) 244 184 808 or +233 (0) 302 972 380. 

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