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Changing the Ghanaian farmer game with Ghana Food Movement

Asase Gyefo is now part of the progressive network and organization, Ghana Food Movement (GFM), with a mission to inspire all Ghanaian farmers to switch from chemical fertilizers to our organic substitute.  GFM is a non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening and improving the Ghanaian food chain towards an organic, sustainable, and locally sourced system. As a producer of organic fertilizer,  Asase Gyefo will team up with the members and network of the GFM to enhance organic farming and to support Ghanaian farmers in improving crop yields in both quality and quantity.
On a mission to build a resilient and organic food system

The GFM, founded in 2021 comprises various sustainable food and agriculture stakeholders. Through the organization of events, campaigns, and projects GFM builds its network. All activities are related to gastronomy, farming, food production, youth employment, nutrition, biodiversity, and food systems. GFM emphasizes local food production, incorporates agritech and science for domestic farming, and connects stakeholders. Accordingly, they create a method to build a strong and sustainable local food chain. Currently, the movement’s network embodies 150 members. In addition to that, GFM is supported by IFAD, GIZ, FAO, and Green Africa Youth Organization, to name a few.

“Asase Gyefo is an innovative brand leading the way towards sustainable agriculture in Ghana. We are proud to have them as a member. And we are dedicated to inspiring other actors in our network to take the necessary steps to stop the use of chemical fertilizers, protect our people and ecosystems, and build a resilient Ghanaian food system.” – Aimée Wallin, vice director of GFM.

Watch GFM founders Aimee and Abdallah visit the Asase Gyefo production plant
The Membership

Asase Gyefo joined the movement to support the mission of building an organic food system in Ghana. Elikplim Asilevi, General Manager of Safisana Ghana Ltd.: “Promoting organic farming and sustainable agriculture is a challenge that both Asase Gyefo and GFM are addressing. Due to limited awareness and economic constraints, many farmers adhere to traditional practices, including the use of chemical fertilizers. Together we aim to create a supportive ecosystem that encourages the widespread adaptation of organic and sustainable farming practices. GFM collaborates with different stakeholders, including farmers. By switching farmers from chemical fertilizers to Asase Gyefo, we move closer to achieving an organic Ghanaian food system.”

Ghana Food Movement’s impact

In 2021, GFM achieved significant milestones. For example, They participated and spoke at COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland. Moving forward to 2023, it marked a year of notable accomplishments for GFM. They participated and spoke at the FAO seed conference, presented insights on local and nutritional eating practices to the IFAD Abidjan office, and they were mentioned in New York Times for noteworthy trademark dinners. Additionally, this year marks the third year of GFM’s Youth In Food Program with the Dutch embassy and GNBCC as key partners.

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Follow our mission with the Ghana Food Movement on Asase Gyefo’s Instagram and Instagram of Ghana Food Movement.

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